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The TOCSIN 635 gas detection control panel from International Gas Detectors (IGD) is perfectly suited for small- to medium-sized applications. It is a small format, cost-effective controller which is designed to support up to 1-8 or 1-32 detectors or devices.

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Utilizing a 2-core cable, the system includes IGD’s revolutionary 2-wire addressable technology and a 1-click system setup for simple installations.

The system also features a 1-click automatic system set up to facilitate faster, error-free commissioning. It can set up control panel outputs and detector alarm levels automatically in a matter of minutes.

A single 2-core cable without any requirement for connection polarity links all the system devices. Some of the vital features of the 635 gas detection control panel are auto configure, auto update and auto find. These are integrated with International Gas Detectors’ downloadable status reports.

This supplies users with the right gas detection system, which does the correct job, protecting both personnel and the plant.

Two format control panels are available:

  • TOC-635-MICRO = 1 to 8 detectors
  • TOC-635-PLUS = 1 to 32 detectors

One-click system setup

The industry-first one-click auto system setup from IGD is utilized by the 635 gas detection control panel. So, the system will automatically fix all the connected devices and alarms at the click of a button, leading to decreased commissioning time and errors.

Illuminated jog wheel

To enable users to see the entire gas detection system status at a glance, the 635 control panel from IGD features an illuminated jog wheel design.

Built-in slam switch

The TOCSIN 635 also includes a built-in slam switch or E-stop, which is designed so that it becomes an integrated part of the system. This indicates that when the control panel is placed outside of the dangerous region, there is no need to add an extra slam switch, saving time, cost and commissioning errors.

Clear audible visual alarm

Utilizing a 2 × 8 color change display that displays digital live gas readings, IGD’s 635 gas detection control has onboard audible and visual alarms. This means users are able to easily position the panel outside the room to serve as a room status indicator and know exactly the status of their gas detection system.

Flush or rear mounted

The panel can be easily rear-mounted or flushed even though it already has a compact format footprint. It has an ergonomic and visual design, enabling it to blend into the environment.

Sentinel+ addressable communication

The 635 gas detection control panel utilizes the advanced Sentinel+ communication protocol. It is supplied with complete features which are not available on any other gas detection systems.

The Sentinel+™ 2-wire technology is the most current, digitally communicating gas detection system from IGD. It is developed to satisfy the special requirements posed by gas detection hazards and provides a fast, efficient and error-free performance.

The system provides the utmost flexibility to connect the gas detection system to supply alarms, interface to plant shut down hardware and clearly communicate to BMS and analogous systems.

For both communication and power, two-core cabling is supplied without any polarity requirement, meaning that cabling is minimized, and system charges are decreased without any compromise.

About International Gas Detectors Ltd

International Gas Detectors (IGD) develops, manufacture and market a complete range of gas detection products to protect people and plant against gas hazards in industry, research and commercial applications.

IGD have been specialists in gas detection technology for over 90 years, since the company’s establishment in 1917. Our Gas Monitoring products, which can be found worldwide, are manufactured in the UK to ensure that the highest quality is achieved.

We offer a vast and versatile product range with detector heads for every possible environment. Pioneering the use of addressable gas detection systems IGD today offer the latest networked systems. Our latest addressable gas detection systems network using IGD’s Sentinel+ 2-Wire protocol for enhanced operation and security. IGD is the home of addressable gas detection but we still offer legacy analogue detectors used to interface to older systems.

Our Addressable Gas Detection technology has been utilised extensively for the last 15 years in all industries from Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Industry through to Construction, Building Management and Ventilation.

International Gas Detectors Ltd also provides a variety of installation, calibration, commissioning and repair services to keep your personnel and plant safe. Not only do we present on-going traceable calibration and maintenance for our own gas detection systems but also those from other major brands of detection equipment.

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