Contact with biohacking community led supplement firm down rebranding road

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The parent company, called Organic 3, has rebranded its consumer facing aspect as Smidge supplements.  The tagline is:  ‘Small batch supplements.’

The company launched more than 10 years ago around a probiotic offering.  Founder Daniel Corrigan said that original product, which was one of the first multi strain probiotic supplements on the market at the time, was labeled as GutPro.

The original idea, Corrigan said, was to offer the probiotics to consumers in a formula of nothing but the probiotics themselves.  The purpose was to appeal to discerning (and in some cases desperate) consumers with sensitivities to many substances that might be common excipients in the supplements trade.

“It was unique in the sense that it didn’t have any fillers or other excipients.  It was a pure probiotics powder,”​ Corrigan said.

The issue with formulating a probiotics finished good in that way, Corrigan said, is the probiotics themselves take up almost no space. So a month’s supply, more or less the industry standard for a SKU on the shelf, didn’t go well into standard delivery formats.

“We weren’t adding in a prebiotic or any other fillers. So we started out with these tiny bottles that wouldn’t go through any sort of machine.  So does that qualify as a ‘small batch’?”  ​Corrigan said.

Biohacking conference got rebranding ball rolling

Corrigan said as the online brand started to expand its product line and consumer base, the products came to the attention of the nascent biohacking community.  For several years running, the brand was invited to exhibit at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference (the annual event has since dropped ‘Bulletproof’ from the name).

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