DSM expands cheese biopreservation portfolio

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With the new cultures, cheese producers can benefit from a more robust culture rotation system, ensuring reliable and consistent cheese production and optimal phage management. DSM’s all-in-one Dairy Safe solution delivers acidification, flavor and assured bioprotection against late blowing and spoilage to guarantee high-quality cheese, including organic varieties.

Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to protect against spoilage in cheese and maintain flawless production to avoid expensive defects. At the same time, demand for great-tasting, sustainable and natural cheese is on the rise, with 34% of consumers choosing cheese products that contain fewer additives or preservatives. 

DSM said cheese producers need to ensure their products are of the highest quality to stay ahead in the market and meet these diverse needs. However, effectively managing bacteriophages (phages) re-mains a significant challenge for many manufacturers. Insufficient phage management can lead to fermentation delays and production slow-down, which can contribute to increased food loss and have a detrimental impact on cheese flavor, yield and texture.

To address these challenges, DSM’s Dairy Safe cultures are used in a rotation system with several phage alternatives, ensuring consistent quality and performance among all rotations while also offering a proven and widely recognized solution for acidification, flavor and protecting cheese without the need for preservatives.

The new cultures expand on this portfolio, adding four new culture rotations to offer a more robust rotation system to support reliable, consistent production and assured bioprotection for high-quality, sustainably-produced cheese. Dairy Safe has been on the market for more than 30 years and is the latest addition to DSM’s cheese cultures portfolio of biopreservation solutions, following its acquisition of Royal CSK Food Enrichment C.V. in 2019.

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